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romantic couple on bench

Writing and reading romantic poetry is a way to get in touch with your inner feelings about the emotions of loving and being loved.

Romantic poetry is not just for "lovers" it is for anyone who has experienced the desire to be loved.

We have over a hundred romantic poems for you enjoy at Soulmate Index



All I Can't Say (B.K. + A.G.)

All I Have To Give (Cara G. Stanfield)

All My Life (Raven)

Always And Forever (Robert Small)

A Million Times (Unknown)

An Angel's Crime (Audra Newton)

An Angel To Me (Patricia Annette Roden)

Angel And Her Lover (Kathy P.)

Angel Divine (Shawn Mikula)

Angel From Above (Robert Small)

Angel Of My Life (Manuel)

Annabelle Lee (Edgar Allan Poe)

A Red, Red Rose (Robert Burns)

A Single Rose Of Love (Stephen Kreska)

A Tear On My Pillow (David G Teves)

At Last (Elizabeth Akers Allen)

A Touch Never Felt
(Carola Dittmann McJunkin)

Back To Your Heart (Vishal Ramanuj)

Because Of You (Starburst)

Because Of You (Vishal Narsian)

Behind The Cloak (Unknown Author)

Believe In Your Heart (Unknown Author)

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Thomas Moore)

Broken Dreams (Tamra L. Noe)

But, Tell Me ... (Kevin Lam)

Change (Angela B.)

Come Unto Me (Shawn Mikula)

Connected With You (Shawn Mikula)

Count The Ways (Ebbe Perales)

Dancing Stars (Shawn Mikula)

Deepest Desire (Shy Girl)

Desires Of You (Dustin Lowe)

Do You Believe ? (Brian Mattes)

Dream (Tom)

Dreaming Of You (Bobby Ioanes)

Dreamtime Love (Dieter Leemans)

Each And Every Day Is A Bonus (Denise Potter)

Every Time (Amanda L. Garver)

First Kiss (Gibs)

First Love (Vincent Paul Gonzales)

Flames Of Passion (Sangeetha C.R.)

Forever (Megan K)

Forever My Love Will Be
(Anthony Lane Ferguson)

Heart To Heart (Lilaneyah)

Hope Is A Thing With Feathers
(Emily Dickinson)

How Do I Love Thee?
(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

How You Make Me Feel (Julia Erdan)

I Am Missing You
(Angel Joy)

I Can't Have You (Ebbe Perales)

If I Could... (Aleah Rios)

If I Were To Fall In Love (Ed Walter)

I Found You (Angel Joy)

If There Were No Tomorrow (DR Meyst)

If You Only Had A Clue (Ebbe Perales)

I Love You (Angel Baby)

I Love You, Miss You, Need You (Emily)

I Need You To Need Me (Wade Riggle)

I Never Thought (William Thomas Kinsey)

In My Heart (Sherri Emily Avery)

I Remember (Lindsey Kilby)

I Want You To Know
(Jennifer Dinh)

I Would Give All I Have (Robert Kyle Newton)

I Would Live In Your Love (Sara Teasdale)

Just For You (Janet)

Lie Still My Love
(Michelle Marie Brazier-Huelsman)

Looking Through My Eyes
(Robert Kyle Newton)

Love (Amanda Norton)

Love (Kayla Hinke)

Love Of My Life (Goodwill Mathonsi)

Love, Love (Pedro Calderon de la Barca)

Love You In Silence (Honey Cai)

Love's Philosophy (P.B. Shelley)

Melt Away (Ebbe Perales)

Missing You Like Crazy (Alice Garcia)

More! (Michael Anderson)

My Blessing (Albrie Ann Miller)

My Heaven (Kamma Roberts)

My Love (Rob Thompson)

My Love (Yahaira M. Lopez)

My Love After You (Robert Kyle Newton)

My Love For You (Robert Kyle Newton)

My Love For You (Unknown)

My Love For You I Can't Ignore
(Kathy Jones)

My Promise To You (Sherri Emily Avery)

No One Can Take Your Dreams (Azrelix)

Of Things Untold (Shawn Mikula)

One Wish (Erin Jane Doris Sabados)

Once Upon A Star (AJ)

On Dreams Of perfect Love (David Ruble)

Passion's Flames (Jeffrey Carter)

Perfection In My Eyes (Ashley Borden)

Promise (Diana Lynn)

Pure Ecstasy (Marmee)

Restless Yearn (William R. Sweetling)

She Walks in Beauty (Lord Byron)

Silent In The Dark (Sarrah Chang)

Smile (Jason)

Soul Reflection (Jade)

Stolen Heart (Semone Akil Tabb)

The Garden Of Love (William Blake)

The Motion (Jason Anthony Santana)

The Passionate Shepherd To His Love (Christopher Marlowe)

The Picture In My Dreams (Willie J. Edwards)

There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind (Thomas Ford)

The Simple Things (Cham Nguyen)

The Sorrow Of Love (William Butler Yeats)

To A Long-Loved Love (Madeleine L'Engle)

To His Love (Shakespeare)

To My Soulmate (Sherri Emily Avery)

To The Love Of My Life (Mariana Traferro)

To You Alone I Give the Key
(Shawn Mikula)

Want You (Tamsin Kennard)

What Is Love? (Unknown)

When I Sleep (Robert Kyle Newton)

When The Gaze Of My Eyes Meets Yours (Robert Kyle Newton)

While You Are Away (Christopher)

Why Do I Cry? (BrandiWine)

Why Do I Have To Cry? (Zanzi)

Will You? (Aimi Willoughby)

Wind And Window Flower (Robert Frost)

With These Eyes (Mandy Richardson)

You Are My Dream Come True (Cheryl Ann)

You Are The One (Bianca Aimee Najera)

You Come to Me (William R. Sweetling)

You'll Love Me Yet (Robert Browning)

You Say Nothing (Cynthia)

Your Smile, Your Touch, Your Heart (Randall Drymen)

You Were Once (Lily Tchen)

Poems coutesey of Shawn Mikula at mind-brain.com