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Why Do I Have To Cry?
Author: Zanzi



When in Spring the flowers bloom,
And everything is born anew,
Why do I have to cry?
I could be sharing this beauty with you...
Why, oh why do I have to sigh?

When the sun in the Summer noon,
Shines so brightly upon the land,
Why do I have to cry?
I could be holding you by the hand...
Why, oh why do I have to sigh?

Winds blow tenderly in Autumn,
And the leaves so gently fall,
Why do I have to cry?
I know we could have had it all...
Why, oh why do I have to sigh?

Cold outside in Winter evenings,
Colder here within my heart,
Why do I have to cry?
I never wanted us to be appart...
Why, oh why do I have to sigh?


Will You?
Author: Aimi Willoughby



Will you listen to me as the rain beats down?
Will you smile at me as the the sun hits the ground?
Will you laugh at my jokes whatever they may be?
Will you remember my love for eternity?

Will you build me up as my world falls apart?
Will you understand these words came from the bottom of my heart?
Will you kiss me tenderly each and every day?
Will you tell me you love me, never with dismay?
Will you save me from evil, protect me from pain?
Will you show me happiness, and ill do the same?
Will you promise me that you will never let me go?
Will you show me a place we can always call home?

Will you stand by my grave when I am gone?
Will you lay down red roses, with a sweat peaceful song?
Will you have me in your heart and keep my love true and...
Will you please remember that I will always love you?

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