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Silent In The Dark
Author: Sarrah Chang



So many words go unspoken,
As we linger here in the dark.
There is a thing or two I wish you to know,
But all the words seem to slip away,
As you tenderly wrap me in your embrace.

Still I wish I could find a way to say,
I never thought dreams could come true
Yet you showed me that they do,
When you came into my life.
You set my soul free,
With every kiss we share.
That from the moment I saw your face,
These feelings washed over me
Like a tidal wave agaist the jagged shore.
Tell me you feel the same.
Tell me there is nowhere else you would rather be.
Then here at this momemnt in each others arms.

So many words go unspoken
As we linger here in the dark.
Trying to find a way to let the other know
How wonderful life is here together silent in the dark.


Author: Jason, PEI, Canada



The sun glistens on the water
Making it sparkle and shine
It almost seems alive to me
This touches my heart

I hear a loon cry
All alone in the night
Her song haunts me
This touches my heart

I see a rose growing in a bed of sand
Struggling to survive
It seems to cry out for help to me
This touches my heart

I hold a new born baby in my arms
Opening it's eyes to a strange new world
It's crying for it's mother
This touches my heart.

All of these things touch my heart
But none near as much
As when I see You smile

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