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My Love After You
Author: Robert Kyle Newton



The sun rises once again,
Awakening me from the calm of night before,
Where I could hear nothing but the sound of silence,
Where I could feel nothing but the breathing of my soul,

With the majesty of the morning sun,
Comes with it the sorrows of my life,
Where the realities of losing you haunts me,
Where the shadows of the past taunts me,

Cries of mine to you to return,
Falls upon the grounds below,
Like the autumn leaves which drops from the tree up above,
Like the droplets of rain from the clouds beyond reach,

The woe within my heart,
Hides between the shadows of the dark,
Praying for the night,
For it all to go away again.


My Love For You
Author: Robert Kyle Newton



My Love for you surpasses all the beauties of the world,
The rivers that run deep, deeper does my love run,
The clouds up in the sky, higher does my love rise,
The oceans and lands far and wide, farther does my love reach,
My love for you surpasses my own feelings,
Hurt I might be to see you walk away from me,
But the joys to see you happy, shall take it all away from me,
Cry as I might not to have you,
Harder shall I cry to see you hurt,
My love for you surpasses all of these,
My love for you surpasses me.

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