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My Blessing
Author: Albrie Ann Miller



I go crazy
With one touch of your hand
My dreams fulfilled
With one look in your eyes

Saying "I love you"
Is what I love to hear
When you wrap me in your arms
And hold me oh so near

I'm so happy
To be here by your side
I cry within
'Cause, boy, you are so sweet

You belong to me
And I belong to you
And, boy, to stay by your side
There's nothing I won't do

I won't forget
The way you make me feel
When I am blue
You know just what to say

And forevermore
I will stay here in love
'Cause, boy, you are my blessing
From Heaven up above


My Heaven
Author: Kamma Roberts



I look deep in your eyes.
I see there what I feel inside.
We share something between us,
Neither one of us can hide.

I feel your lips touch mine,
I loose all my control,
All it took was a look and a kiss,
To know you were part of my soul.

I see your hands on my skin,
I want and need you to do more,
The passionate look you give me,
Tells me heaven is in store.

I feel your need against my thigh,
I know you will fulfill every wish,.
We were made to fit together,
And all it took was a look and a kiss.

I look deep in your eyes,
And I see heaven there inside,
You make me feel so beautiful,
What I feel for you I cannot hide.

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