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Each And Every Day Is A Bonus
Author: Denise Potter



With you
Each and everyday is a bonus -
Whether it be for one moment,
One day or a million moments.
Being with you makes me
Feel new and bright.
Being able to be just us.
With you we both create
A wealth of warmth
Rising from our hearts.
A happy atmosphere of love.
Each and everyday is a bonus.
I feel lucky and alive.
You fill me with youth
And masses and masses of
Tender loving care.
I treasure every moment with you.
Thank you for coming into my life.


Every Time
Author: Amanda L. Garver



Every time I see you,
I want you more and more.
Every time you say, "Hi" to me,
my heart begins to soar.
Every time you touch me,
I pinch myself to see if I'm awake.
Every time you look into my eyes,
it's my heart you begin to take.
Every time I see you smile,
I wish that it was at me.
Every time I hear your voice
I regret that 'we' just could not be.
For the truth is... she likes you
so, I must take a seat.
For she has feelings deeper
than mine could never beat.
For since we are good friends,
I could never take you away.
So, I will look at you with a tear in my eye
hoping for the day...
When I can hold you by my side,
and my deepest feelings
I won't have to hide.

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