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Count The Ways
Author: Ebbe Perales



Count the ways

The endless hours and the days

My heart will pain and ache for you

There’s nothing else that I can do

Nothing more I want than this

Love, comfort, peace and bliss

Vast is your love vast is your heart

From you I will never part

I know that we will never be

But I dream of you so constantly

The times my eyes have cried their tears

The times I gave into my fears

The loneliness I feel inside

I hope this feeling will subside

When I see you my heart skips a beat

I crave the day I feel your

I only need you to be complete touch

I want to hold you oh so much

I close my eyes and see your face

My time with you will not erase

Your tender lips, your graceful walk

Your loving smile, the way you talk


So count the ways

The endless hours and the days

I have spent on loving you

If you only had a clue

Dancing Stars
Author: Shawn Mikula



As into your eyes I longingly gaze,
Like looking into the stars above,
Such dazzling beauty does ever amaze,
The stars, they dance, cause I'm in love.

As onto your sweet lips I gently kiss thee,
Tasting a fruit that seems forbidden,
You unleash bonds that set me free,
Awaken emotions that long were hidden.

And as into your bosom I find rest,
A sanctuary for my tumultuous soul,
I certainly count myself among the blessed,
To have found the one that makes me whole.

And throughout this universe I dare to say,
There is not another that could my heart so s

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