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The Dating Survival Guide
Pam Spurr

Paperback - (28 December, 1999) 235 pages

Practical advice and useful tips contribute to this guide to negotiating your way around the minefield of the dating game. The author, a relationship expert, gives insight into the etiquette of first dates, dress codes, safety issues and much more.


Brilliant for a self-help book!, 6 February, 2003
A reader from London
I've usually found self-help books a joke but I bought this on a whim after a disastrous date. I really enjoyed Pam Spurr's style. It's friendly, funny and actually useable. What I found most valuable was the ten tactics which made complete sense. As I read them they built up my confidence step by step. They cover all the crucial areas of dating. For me learning how to set boundaries in chatting to men was absolutely amazing. I think I've been going over the top with my enthusiasm. Now I keep my cards to my chest. Definitely worth a read!

I had lots of man problems - thanks for the help, 22 November, 2002
A reader from Manchester, England
I've had so many dating disasters that I thought I'd try Pam Spurr's book when I came across it. not only were men not ringing me for second dates but sometimes even when chatting them up they didn't seem that interested. I found Pam's body language analysis fascinating and realised a lot applied to me. I think I was coming across as over eager to go out with men. I needed to be cooler about the whole thing. I also found the chapter about the Princess Syndrome a huge help. I now realise I don't have to wait for my phone to ring or that email. Getting busy has helped me become more interesting and I've had two great dates. Thanks for the wonderful advice.

A dating guide that makes complete sense, 1 November, 2002
A reader from Birmingham, England
I'm not that bad at dating but I wanted to smooth off my rough edges as I can come across as a bit of a 'geezer bird'. I found so much of Pam's advice I could easily apply to my situation and the way it was laid out in ten tactics that apply to different areas of dating made it easy to follow. When it came to conversational techniques in Tactic 2 her tips were so easy to pick up. Also in Tactic 6 how not to be a 'know it all', and I've been guilty of this,again the tips to stop yourself competing with a man were fab. Finally I laughed all the way through her advice on how to sort frogs from princes - very funny but at the same time such an inciteful way to look at men's behaviour. Thanks for this great book, I highly recommend it to all women looking for better dating.

Not just for women, 12 November, 2002
steven skatle from London
My girlfriend purchased this book and I picked it up last week to take a look. Well to tell you the truth I was just plain curious, how would a woman look at our relationship and what did DR. Pam have to say on the subject. It sounds cheesy but I couldn't put it down, everything seemed to make sense. The book helped explain different symptoms of my relationship. What is hard to see yourself becomes infinitely easier when viewed through a third set of eyes. Definitely buy this book, its very useful

What a fantastic help!, 3 October, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Brighton
I've been pretty hopeless at dating but I think I can make a fresh start now thanks to The Dating Survival Guide! I've always tended to jump in headlong and think I should be completely honest about what my expectations are. I now find from reading through the Ten Tactics in the book that actually that can frighten men! You're always told honesty is the best policy but when it comes to dating, Dr. Spurr points out that simply holding back a little is not dishonest but simply creates a little mystery. As well as this I found the tactics on how to hold a conversation, sex and flirting, body language, sorting the princes and frogs, all super helpful. Just a really cool book that I hihgly recommend as it tackles all the dating areas!

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