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  Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus:How To Get What You Want In Your Relationships
John Gray


This guide to successful communication between the sexes has already helped many millions of readers from across the globe understand why members of the opposite sex behave the way they do. This new edition contains all the text of the original, including: what makes members of the opposite sex tick; how to understand their verbal and non-verbal language; how to motivate the opposite sex and get what you want; how to avoid arguments and promote fruitful communication; how to score points with the opposite sex and impress your partner; the real emotional needs of the opposite sex and the behaviours associated with these needs; and how to keep love alive and stay together long term. This book should help you reach a point of harmony and understanding where both sexes can live, work and love together.


Unlike the TV show, this book IS Absolutely Fabulous!
_jr_ from Nottingham, England 24 April, 2003
A woman friend of mine told me that THE ONLY way into a woman's heart is through her brain. John Gray hit the nail on the head in this book!

She also told me that because all men are after Sex, and as much of it as possible, the best way to get what we want is to win her heart, which means working long and hard on her mind. This book helps you understand what's going on in her head, so you'll not be prone to making the same mistake quite so often - helping you work on that brain of hers. It's also a great book for women to read. Despite what you may think ladies, we're more complex than you think, and this book is likely to be helpful to you too.

Throughout the book, I found myself nodding and smiling, thinking "Yes, That's me in the example". It's so accurate it's spooky - truly inspirational.

OK as far as it goes, 8 February, 2002
(gt@gthomas.u-net.com) from Oxford
This is an engaging read and the allegory of Mars and Venus is a nice one that makes the point about differences between men and women very well. However, there's only one idea here really - that women want to talk (about whatever) and men want to retreat to their caves and not talk, and that women should understand men's need for retreat and esteem, and men should understand women's need for non-directive comfort through talk. That's all there is to it, and it's not really worth buying for that one simple message.

Brilliant, 6 January, 2002
A reader from Manchester, UK
I know this book gets laughed at as one of those self help books that Bridget Jones would read, but it really is fantastic. You won't believe how true to your own relationship it is, and how it helps you to accept your partner's "unreasonable behaviour".

An amazing eye-opener on what we encounter in everyday life
Zhenya (Galza5@aol.com) from Devon, England 14 April, 2002
I would say anyone would find at least 50% of the contents to relate to. Very easy to read, full of examples as to how and why things don't happen quite like we want them to happen in the relationships. This book will make you appreciate your partner more, be kinder and more accepting. Men are like rubber-bands and women are like waves - read how and why - and you'll just have to agree.

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