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A Man's Field Guide to Dating
Robert A. Wray

Paperback - (28 December, 1999) 235 pages

From the Author: Finally, the most comprehensive men's guide to dating ever written - authored by a man, for men. Twenty-seven chapters of relevant practical advice, presented in a lighthearted, entertaining and highly readable style.This helpful books provides a collection of ideas and advice culled from the dating experiences of many men - and women.

Proven stategies for improving your lovelife: How to overcome shyness and rejection, The best and worst places to meet women, Recognising women who are interested in you, How to ask for a date, What women are really looking for, Self-improvement tactics to improve your chances, dating behaviour.


Buy this book, 17 May, 2003
Reviewer: A reader from United Kingdom
I’ve read several self help books on how to meet and find the ideal women, this is by far and away the most accomplished. It is a summary of a whole range of behaviours and advice that range from fitness through to tips on how to tell if a women is interested and what to do about it! This book will not guarantee success but if you use the information it contains it will at the very least improve your chances of finding and being successful with women. Highly recommended.

Perfect training for the potential perfect man, 11 December, 2001

Reviewer: smacera from London, UK
Fantastic!!!! I can't say anything else, It's backed up all my theories about women, and it's all good, this book will make you an expert and also an expert in choosing YOUR dream girl in both personality and looks, DON'T DELAY - Get this book NOW!!! A truely HONEST book.

As a woman, I hope every man on the plaet reads this book!, 11 July, 1999

Reviewer: Felicia Rose Adler (junglerose@earhtlink.net) from Los Angeles, CA
I am also an author of a book about dating. It is beyond rare for me to endorse a book about dating written by a man. That is because most of them treat women as objects and men as sex crazed fiends who only want to know how they can get as much sex as possible on a regular basis. This book will teach men who are looking for a great partnership with a woman exactly how to get what they want. Oh, and for those of you men out there who responded to that statement, "But I am a sex crazed fiend who just wants to know how I can get as much sex as possible on a regular basis." I have this to say to you--geting into a great relationship with a fantastic woman and being a quality man/great spouse is, in fact, the number one best way to get as much sex as possible on a regular basis! Logical?!

This book respects men and women and gives clear solid advice that will definately improve all of our love lives! It is fun to read and easy to digest. If your not getting what you want out of your love life, get this book!

This book is also great for women to read. One of the biggest things that prevents women from attaining the love life they desire is that they do not understand men and what their dilemas and confusions are. This book will be invaluable in helping you with that.

My favorite part has got to be the part about hygiene. It has never ceased to amaze me that men don't already know some of this stuff, and yet they don't. Someone had to tell them and Bob Wra

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